Internet Radio Rewind

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The Internet Radio Rewind podcast is an audio recap of recent news, featuring RAIN editor Brad Hill, a splash of music, and a dash of humor.

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Unlike chatcasts, Internet Radio Rewind is quick and to-the-point, with concise need-to-know stories in the streaming audio industry.

Brand new podcast episodes appear on Fridays.

#69: CRB week: new webcast royalty rates! Also, Vivendi buys into Radionomy

The weekly update of the streaming audio industry, from RAIN News. THIS WEEK: The U.S. Copyright Royalty Board delivers new webcaster royalty rates for payments to record labels. Also, Vivendi takes a majority stake in Radionomy’s online radio platform.

#68: Incoming royalty rates; webcast metrics; Rhapsody growth; WNYC jabs Facebook; Serial — it’s baaack!

THIS WEEK: CRB royalty rates due any day; Triton Digital webcast metrics; Rhapsody grows its audience; WNYC pokes Facebook with audio; Spotify faces a decision, more.

#67: Adele makes history; Pandora raises cash; Songza bids farewell; more

The weekly update of the streaming audio industry, from RAIN News. THIS WEEK: Adele’s history-making album; Pandora raises $300-million for ambitious 2016; Songza nears the end; Acast raids WNYC in U.S. launch.

#66: Pandora’s excellent adventure; advertisers assess podcasting; Adele withholds

THIS WEEK: Rdio enters bankruptcy, Pandora takes it over and announces dramatic expansion of its strategic vision for 2016; podcast advertiser sentiment study; Adele holds back from streaming.

#65: New app launches; CBS Radio’s argument; YouTube finally delivers

THIS WEEK: CBS re-defines “oldies” in court; YouTube launches its music app after a two-year wait; new “podcast radio” app; iHeart pitches to the kids; more.

#64: Beats and more Beats; podcast invasion; UK digital radio ratings; more

THIS WEEK: Sirius XM earnings and quotes; Beats 1 might spawn numbered children; Deezer and Google bring on the podcasts; RAJAR quarterly numbers; more.

#63: Pandora settles and reports; YouTube announces; Apple Music divulges; more

THIS WEEK: Pandora earnings and stock tumble; YouTube Red; music royalty controversy; Apple Music finally divulges numbers; more.

#62: New research; Pandora settling? Deezer’s imminent launch; more

THIS WEEK: Car connections; Pandora’s legal decisions; Deezer going public; WNYC invests in originals; more.

#61: Streaming doubles; Apple Music trials; Pandora’s acquisition; more

THIS WEEK: New streaming metrics from Nielsen; Apple Music trials; Pandora enters the concert business; data-free listening; more.

#60: Crunching RIAA numbers; the return of Earbits; Deezer’s announcement; more

THIS WEEK: Crunching RIAA numbers; the value of ad-supported listening; streaming milestone; the return of Earbits; Deezer’s announcement.

#59: Smooth Jazz and the Pope; two unusual stations; new research; more

THIS WEEK: Two new and unusual stations; Nielsen report on streaming and music; podcast research; more.

#58: BBC reinvention; record-breaking music royalties; Pandora’s free day; more

THIS WEEK: 200-page BBC report reinvents the mission; record-setting royalty collections in the U.S.; Pandora celebrates an anniversary; more.

Internet Radio Rewind #57: Connected car research; TuneIn goes Premium; Neil Young shouts out; more

THIS WEEK: PodcastOne expands the sales effort; do consumers like connected cars? TuneIn starts monthly subscriptions; Neil Young shouts out.

Internet Radio Rewind #56: A new podcasting deal; radio groups sued; Apple Music metrics; more

THIS WEEK: A talent agency gets into podcasting; radio targeted in pre-1972 lawsuit; Apple disagrees with MusicWatch research; Deezer wants big bucks; Mad Genius Radio shuts down.

Internet Radio Rewind #55: Podcast advertising event; new stream research; Apple’s new patent

THIS WEEK: A podcasting “upfront”; one-trillion streams; new music service from a phone maker; Rdio does radio; Apple’s new patent.

Internet Radio Rewind #54: Apple Music numbers; radio buys into podcasting; webcast metrics

THIS WEEK: Apple Music discloses audience numbers; Hubbard Radio buys into podcasting; webcast metrics for June.

Internet Radio Rewind #53: Pandora denied; iTunes podcast anniversary; more

THIS WEEK: Pandora’s request denied; iTunes podcast anniversary, Sirius XM earnings; UK streaming growth; FM chips in phones.

Internet Radio Rewind #52: A milestone for podcasting; Pandora’s strong earnings; more

THIS WEEK: Scripps acquires Midroll Media in first-ever deal of its kind; more.

Internet Radio Rewind #51: Neil Young exaggerates; FTC and Apple; how do high-schoolers listen?

THIS WEEK: Neil Young exaggerates; FTC and Apple; how do high-schoolers listen?

Internet Radio Rewind #50: Dramatic streaming growth; Spotify’s odd request; Facebook and music

THIS WEEK: Nielsen mid-year report; U.K. streaming growth; Spotify tells subscribers to unsubscribe; Xbox Music reborn; Facebook and music.

Internet Radio Rewind #49: Spotify’s data play; presidential podcast; radio’s generational shift

THIS WEEK: Spotify doubles down on data; radio’s generational shift; Obama goes on a podcast; Asheville radio station goes non-commercial for one month.

Internet Radio Rewind #48: Spotify positioning; Internet radio $$; Obama on a podcast

THIS WEEK: Is Spotify positioning? Internet radio makes more money; crosses over a fence; Google’s classical venture; Obama on a podcast

Internet Radio Rewind #047: Apple Music, Spotify growth; 8tracks adds music; April webcast metrics

THIS WEEK: Apple announces its new music service; Spotify hits back with growth story; 8tracks also on the move; Triton’s Webcast Metrics

Internet Radio Rewind #046: YouTube Analytics; Merlin magic for SoundCloud; FCC liberates Pandora; more

THIS WEEK: YouTube Analytics; DASH Radio emerges; Merlin magic for SoundCloud; FCC liberates Pandora; the ideal cost of music.

Internet Radio Rewind #045: Return of “Serial”; Sirius XM lawsuit; music service hack

THIS WEEK: “Serial” producers plan next two seasons; GAANA hacked; Sirius XM lawsuit deepens; new podcast network; Android vs iOS in the car.

Internet Radio Rewind #044: Podcasting gets funded; the new Spotify; MixRadio breaks loose

THIS WEEK: Two podcast funding deals; the new Spotify; Pandora acquires more metrics; MixRadio breaks loose

Internet Radio Rewind #043: BMI wins Pandora royalty case; new Apple/Beats rumors

THIS WEEK: BMI wins lawsuit vs. Pandora; new streaming advertising report; Apple/Beats rumors; Rdio’s new plan

Internet Radio Rewind #042: Apple rumors; Spotify is richer; Grooveshark drowns

THIS WEEK: Apple rumors; Spotify gets richer; Grooveshark goes down in deep water; Pandora in the FM business; no streaming in the Vermont State House.

Internet Radio Rewind #041: Should radio pay? Pandora earnings; something new for podcasting

The weekly update of the streaming audio industry, from RAIN News. THIS WEEK: Copyright chief wants radio to pay; Copyright Royalty Board starts a music licensing trial; Sirius XM earnings; Pandora earnings; something new for podcasting.

Internet Radio Rewind #040: A podcasting Peabody; Tidal courts indies, Norway targets FM

The weekly update of the streaming audio industry, from RAIN News. THIS WEEK: “Serial” wins a Peabody; Apple Watch launch day — what can you listen to?; new iHeartMedia podcasts; Tidal reaches out to indies; Norway targets FM switch-off.

Internet Radio Rewind #039: Rdio Live; IFPI music industry report

THIS WEEK: Anthony Bay announces Rdio Live; IFPI global music revenue report; Is Spotify worth $8.4-billion?; 6 Seconds streaming app; EFF wins podcast patent pushback.

Internet Radio Rewind #038: When exclusives aren’t exclusive; banking on a music label

THIS WEEK: Streaming exclusives don’t stay exclusive; Webcast listening reaches new record; when a music label and a bank hook up; milestone moment for 8tracks; Pandora pays more than half of all webcast royalties

Internet Radio Rewind #037: A celebrity relaunch; Spotify’s Canada deal; new research

THIS WEEK: The weekly update of the streaming audio industry, from RAIN News. THIS WEEK: Tidal relaunch makes it seem new; DASH Radio; Spotify’s new Canadian deal; revenue forecast for Internet radio advertising; who wants connected cars?

Internet Radio Rewind #036: Leaks and startups, Android and AMP

THIS WEEK: Beats Music leaks; new startup merges listening and broadcasting; new podcast company Amplifi Media; Android Auto hits the road; new AMP bill benefits music producers.

Internet Radio Rewind #035: Streaming surpasses CD sales, Apple goes programmatic

THIS WEEK: Streaming surpasses CD sales in 2014 RIAA report; iTunes Radio goes to programmatic sales; Rdio’s new social features; Rhapsody plays on Twitter; BBC seeks to reinvent radio.

Internet Radio Rewind #034: Audience profiles for podcasting and radio

THIS WEEK: A radio star moves into podcasting; a profile of the podcast audience; snapshot of radio listening from Nielsen; Pandora’s micro-subscription plan; Apple CarPlay throttles up.

Internet Radio Rewind #033: Beats Relaunch; Infinite Dial

THIS WEEK: Beats Music relaunch; “The Infinite Dial” research; a podcast ratings service of the future; second time around for songwriter legislation; digital radio in Europe; another retailer cools on CD sales

Internet Radio Rewind #032

THIS WEEK: Local Radio Freedom Act hits Congress; a new podcast network; Led Zeppelin loosens the leash; streaming audio growth projection; something new for Radioplayer; Russell Brand podcast; Starbucks leaves behind CDs.

Internet Radio Rewind #031

THIS WEEK: Apple raids radio; YouTube Radio; A study of streaming ad loads; WNYC podcast chief leaves for startup; Spotify licenses Sony music for Europe; Pandora launches Artist Messaging; Tumblr music takedowns.

Internet Radio Rewind #030

THIS WEEK: Pandora makes direct licensing deal with Naxos; new survey of ad agencies and streaming audio; streaming now in UK albums chart; Nielsen launches online radio measurement; Rhapsody updates audience metrics; research report on mobile music; TeamRock Radio goes underground — literally.

Internet Radio Rewind #029

THIS WEEK: U.S. Copyright Office slams radio royalty exemption; Webcast metrics for November; Pandora earnings; iHeartMedia enters custom advertising; the newest podcast hit; streaming services expand globally.

Internet Radio Rewind #028

THIS WEEK: Podcast listener behavior; Pandora’s growing reach; Apple iTunes earnings; SoundExchange artist payments in 2014, Spotify joins PlayStation; iHeartRadio’s audience milestones.

Internet Radio Rewind #027

THIS WEEK: Streaming is bigger than AM/FM for teens; does streaming break hit songs?; Shazam is a billion-dollar company; Apple acquires a music data startup; Rdio expands again, reached 84 countries; Saavn music service hits audience milestone; Streamus makes YouTube Music easy