IAB Australia: Average weekly online audio time is up 20% in the past two years

IAB Australia has released a new report with insights about advertising for the region’s growing digital audio market. The Digital Audio Buyer’s Guide shared some statistics about interest in streaming, as well as the latest market trends for advertising to that engaged audience.

Australia’s audience for monthly audio streaming has reached 13.8 million. Those listeners spend more than 11 hours a week tuning in to radio stations online and/or listening to Internet-only streamed audio. That figure is up from an average of about 10 hours of weekly audio in 2018 and 9 hours in 2017, marking 20% growth over the past two years. Podcasts are also on the rise. Nearly 5 million Australians listening monthly and weekly listeners account for 15% of Australians.

Spotify and YouTube were the big winners for weekly use of accessing music content. Almost half (48%) of Australians used YouTube weekly for music or music videos, while 34% tuned in to Spotify weekly. Apple Music posted weekly use at 8%, while SoundCloud had just 5% and Google Play Music had 4%.

Media buyers have been responding to the growing interest of Aussie listeners. A recent IAB survey found that 87% of media buyers use streaming audio advertising and more than 60% do so regularly. Podcast ads also posted growth, with regular use among buyers growing from 14% last year to 20%.

The guide included information for new or first-time parties interested in digital audio advertising, such as common methods for planning and buying campaigns as well as a primer on metrics.

Anna Washenko