HowStuffWorks hires Cracked founder for new comedy podcast division

Media company HowStuffWorks announced that Jack O’Brien is joining its podcast team. O’Brien will be launching the company’s operations on the west coast, including a new comedy division. He will be tapping local Los Angeles talent in building up new creator-driven comedy brands for the network. O’Brien brings more than a decade of experience as founder and editor-in-chief at Cracked to HowStuffWorks.

“We have grand plans for growing and expanding our audience and leadership position in the podcast space,” HowStuffWorks Chief Content Officer Jason Hoch said. “We started by bringing on creative geniuses from iconic brands and our move into comedy is the first of more new genres to come. So much of the HowStuffWorks listener base has grown up with us and we aren’t slowing down anytime soon.”

The company announced the addition of Mental Floss founders Mangesh Hattikudur and Will Pearson to their team in March. The duo launched a new podcast earlier this month.

Anna Washenko