HelloFresh is most recalled brand in Edison Research tracker. We compare top recall and top spend.

To promote its Podcast Consumer Tracker research product, Edison Research released an interesting data munchable: the top 10 most recalled brands in podcast advertising for Q1. (Subscription info HERE.)

HelloFresh, a home delivery food service planted in the brains of many avid podcast listeners, lands atop Edison’s list: the most recalled brand of the Q1 survey. Here is the top-ten cohort (actually 11 because of a tie):

For fun, we compared Edison’s “most recalled” list with Magellan AI’s “top spenders” list for Q1. Here is Magellan’s output, from that company’s Q1 2021 Benchmark Report (RAIN coverage HERE):


Interestingly, and probably unsurprisingly, six advertisers on the “most recalled” list also appear on the “top spenders” list: HelloFresh, BetterHelp, Squarespace, Geico, Amazon, and ZipRecruiter. Money and memory: bedfellows of advertising.


Brad Hill