Headliner’s latest social video integration is with Libsyn

Headliner, a service for podcast promotion, announced that its newest integration is with Liberated Syndication. This deal will see one-click access to Headliner’s tools added to the Libsyn dashboard. Users can create videos with clips of their podcast audio designed for sharing and promotion on social media networks. The video tools are simple and don’t require any specialized editing knowledge.

“This integration brings together two of the podcasting industry’s leading technology solutions for podcasters and listeners that provide our show creators with even more efficiency and time to focus on creating the best content,” said Rob Greenlee, vice president of content and partnerships at Libsyn. “Headliner is a social media promotion tool that still has a lot of untapped potential for podcast discovery and sampling, and we see a lot of opportunities for Headliner to accelerate audience growth and exposure for Libsyn podcasters.”

“On the hosting side, Libsyn has always been a popular podcasting platform for Headliner users,” Headliner CEO Neil Mody said. “Libsyn’s network of podcasters are producing some of the most popular shows, and it’s now much easier for anyone on the platform to leverage the power of video and social media to reach thousands, if not millions of new potential fans and listeners.”

Anna Washenko