Gracenote now in 100 million cars worldwide

Gracenote logo canvasGracenote announced that its technology is now available in 100 million cars around the world. Its music recognition technology can power auto infotainment systems, offering music metadata and imagery to drivers. It has also rolled out its voice recognition tech so that drivers can use those systems hands-free.

“Gracenote has transformed the in car listening experience for more than a decade and enabled new features like ‘hands-free’ voice commands for music search,” said Brian Hamilton, Gracenote’s general manager of auto and music. “With the arrival of connected cars, our data becomes even more critical for a safe and consistent way to browse, discover and experience music across terrestrial and satellite radio, as well as streaming music services.”

Nielsen announced plans to acquire Gracenote at the end of 2016 and completed the deal in February. Gracenote presented its latest auto technology in January at CES.

Anna Washenko


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