Google and PRX announce second group of podcast training participants

Google and PRX have announced the shows that will participate in the second wave of their joint training program. Six projects were selected from thousands of applicants to join the training, which aims to bring new voices and perspectives to podcasting.

The first round of the Google/PRX program had two international teams and four from the United States; this time, only one of the six teams is from the U.S. The broader scope will impact the training. “What has made podcasters successful in the U.S. may not work in other parts of the world,” PRX CEO Keri Hoffman said. “Podcasts will sound and be different in those areas.”

The participants are:

  • 37 Graus (37 Degrees): This show from Sarah Azoubel Lima and Bia Guimarães in São Paulo, Brazil is entering its second season. It covers stories about Brazil’s iconic landscapes and events.
  • City of Women: This in-development podcast will examine the role of women in the workplaces and communities of Bangalore, India. Radhika Viswanathan and Samyuktha Varma are the creators.
  • Cocktails and Cancer with MJ and Dani: The friends Danielle Brown and Michelle James of the title talk through the experience of MJ’s breast cancer diagnosis in 2015. The show is based in New York and is entering its second season.
  • De Eso No Se Habla (We Don’t Talk About That): Isabel Cadenas Cañón of Madrid, Spain leads this project exploring absence, from missing people to lost things.
  • مسرحهية (Her Stage): A documentary-style show about life in Beirut, Lebanon. Storyteller Rhea Chedid and journalist Afeef Nessouli head the project, currently in development.
  • Un periódico de ayer (Yesterday’s News): An exploration of personal stories and big historical events. Producers Juan Serrano, Daniel Díaz, and Miguel Reyes are from Bogotá, Colombia.

Anna Washenko