Global acquires AI text-to-audio startup Remixd

UK-based Global has grabbed Remixd, a tech startup specializing in turning text to audio.

Remixd technology is geared to text publishers wishing to enter the audio and audio advertising fields. A quote from Les Hollander, CEO at DAX North America, noted the applicability for smart-speaker audio: “This technology means digital publishers can meet the growing consumer demand for audio and publisher need for improved ad monetization. It’s the perfect pathway to reaching consumers with customized marketing messages in the burgeoning smart speaker space.”

Remixd technology will be placed into DAX, the Global-owned programmatic ad technology platform. Presumably the Remixd function, if adopted by major text publishers, will add content, inventory, and targeting opportunities to Global’s platform.

According to language sent us by Global, Remixd  “offers flexible revenue opportunities including ‘plug and play’ direct sales as well as programmatic ad sales.” Global says that pre-rolls, interstitials, and sonic branding can be added to Remixd audio. Again emphasizing smart speakers, Global notes: “Growing listenership through smart speakers is an important focus across the Global and DAX footprint of publishers in the US, UK and Canada.”


Brad Hill