Geekin joins the social music fray with a real-time DJ angle

Geekin Radio canvasWe’ve seen a large number of new apps promise an experience that combines music with social interactions, each with their own particular angle on the subjects. The new player in this field is Geekin Radio.

On Geekin, the concept is of real-time DJing. You build a playlist of tracks from SoundCloud then broadcast as you listen. People can follow friends and strangers alike, tuning in to their playlists. Geekin also introduces a concept of chain listening, where the people listening to your broadcast will go with you when you stop playing your own tracks and hop into another user’s playlist.

Geekin’s adoption of currently popular video technologies and trends is a smart one. It has shared language with live-streaming sensations Periscope and Meerkat, and the chain listening harkens to Twitch’s hosting capability. As with any new music app that crosses our phones these days, though, it’ll take a special concept and skillful marketing of it to really break free from the pack.

Anna Washenko