Frequency partners with Barometer for contextual targeting of podcast ads

Workflow automation and audio ad management provider Frequency is partnering with Barometer, a specialist in brand suitability and contextual targeting solutions for podcasting.

The key to this arrangement is combining Barometer’s Brand Suitability and Contextual Targeting to Frequency’s Audio Ad Management Platform. The companies promise that this solution gives advertisers “enhanced capabilities for curating the ideal context to reach listeners.”

Barometers tech is powered by AI, which analyzes and categorizes podcasts, drilling down to show level and episode level. This creates contextual segments for advertisers, sorted into categories including host gender, content category, genre, keywords, topic sentiment, and brand safety.

Frequency’s goal is enabling clients to activate this advanced targeting easily. When everything is lined up, the ads get delivered via VAST — the Video Ad Service Template developed by the IAB in 2018. [RAIN] Post delivery technology shows advertisers results broken out by content and context, facilitating what the companies term “data-driven optimizations to improve ROI.”

“Context is king in podcast advertising, and our partnership will enable any advertiser or publisher to deliver the right creative to a listener based on the content they’re listening to,” says Pete Jimison, CEO of Frequency. “Frequency will make it easy for podcast networks to run variations of host-read ads that align with the content of the episode. It’s an exciting evolution for dynamic ad insertion technology to make creative more relevant without limiting audience reach.”

Brad Hill