Frank Ocean’s Blonde arrives on Spotify (if you can find it)

frank-ocean-blondeFrank Ocean’s new album Blonde was the latest album to spark debates about exclusive releases. Today, the album is available on other streaming services after two weeks as an Apple Music exclusive.

But if you’re a Spotify subscriber who has been waiting to hear Blonde, you probably wouldn’t know it had arrived by opening the app. The album has not been listed on Spotify’s main Browse page, nor on its new release playlists. And from RAIN News’ tests, it doesn’t show up in an album search for just “Blonde.”

We have noted rumors that Spotify intentionally pushes ex-exclusives somewhat out of view. We have no verification of that, which could be a risky tactic. All we know for sure is that this high-profile music release isn’t as easy to find as one might expect.

Anna Washenko