France’s music market declines for another year

France flagFrench local trade body SNEP reported that the nation’s recorded music market declined 7% last year to €426 million. Digital revenue did increase 14.7%, but only totaled €152.3 million, making it just 36% of the nation’s total music income. Streaming was a large slice of the digital pie, contributing 24.5% of France’s overall market. That performance was a 44.6% increase from its total in 2014.

Within that streaming umbrella, subscription sources generated 79%, while ad-funded streaming in France took an even smaller piece over the course of 2015. Subscription streaming rose to €82.2 million from €48 million in the year before, while ad-funded revenue dropped from €24.1 million in 2014 to €22.1 million in 2015.

Anna Washenko