First image emerges of Spotify’s potential Home Thing hardware

Spotify caught eyes and ears last spring with its plans for a piece of voice-activated hardware dubbed Car Thing. Now, it seems to have a new setting as its next goal.

Jane Manchun Wong, an engineer who specializes in exploring app source code, has once again found some insights about Spotify’s latest project. She tweeted an image of a screen that asks “Ready to set up Spotify Home Thing?.” The device in the illustration, is a white cube reminiscent of a die thanks to an arrangement of five buttons on the top. Wong emphasized that she doesn’t know if this hardware is still actively being tested or developed.

Spotify hinted that it was going to explore other hardware projects after announcing more details about its Car Thing in May 2019. That device was designed as a data-collection tool rather than a consumer product. If Spotify is still working on a Home Thing companion, it’s likely in the same vein. Don’t expect to see Spotify challenging Amazon or Google in the smart speaker space any time soon.

Anna Washenko