Feed.fm secures financing round for its unique B2B music licensing service

Feed.fm canvasMost of the top online radio and streaming services place their focus squarely on individual people as their listeners. Feed.fm is turning the idea of digital music into a B2B product with its “music as a service” offerings.

The company helps other businesses to play music on their websites, games, and mobile apps by handling all of the legal and licensing issues. This allows those brands to use music as a marketing tool. CEO Jeff Yasuda said clients using Feed.fm have seen an average of 400 percent higher customer engagement from the addition of music to their strategies. “Our view is that it makes far more sense to keep people [engaged] longer with music, because the longer they stay engaged the more likely it is that they’ll make an in-app purchase,” he said.

A quick look at the Feed.fm website shows that it offers tiered plans based on how many minutes of streaming music the client wants. It has curated music stations to choose from, or clients can make their own selections.

VentureBeat reported that Feed.fm recently secured a $1.2 million round of financing that will go toward hiring new talent for the six-person team. It’s impressive that such a small crew has been able to navigate the legal labyrinth so successfully. With some high-profile clients already, such as Bud Light Platinum and Michelob Ultra, this concept of music as a service seems to be gaining some deserved traction.

Anna Washenko