Familiarity with podcasting leads to high listening rates: Edison Research Latino Podcast Listener Report 2021

Edison Research today released its 2021 edition of the Latino Podcast Listener Report, a survey of U.S. Latinos and that group’s relationship with podcasting. Results show an enthusiastic population.

The Latino population is less  knowledgeable than the overall population about podcasting generally; 64% are familiar with the term “podcasting,” compared to 77%  across the board. The difference is greater when measured by language dominance; only 47% of Spanish speakers are familiar.

However, familiarity translates to actual listening better among Latinos: 56% have ever  listened to a podcast, slightly more than the 55% of total population. And 59% of Spanish-dominant speakers have listened. More of those listeners have heard a podcast in English (48%) than a show in Spanish (33%), which might be explained by the prevalence of English-speaking shows.

Monthly listening in the Latino population is 36%, compared to 40% in the U.S. generally. And the monthly listening group is growing much faster Latinos (+44% year-over-year) than in the entire survey population (+8%).

If the podcast listening lifestyle is defined as weekly listening (which it is, in our opinion), 29% of Latinos are in the groove with weekly listening. Of course Edison has a bigger group to work with in the monthly listening cohort, and the Latino Podcast Listener Report drills into the demographics:

  • 50% are 18-34, 55% are men
  • only 35% are Spanish language dominant
  • 50% are first-generation U.S. born
  • 28% have been listening monthly for at least a year
  • and 54% started listening monthly during Covid

Ninety-six percent of all monthly listeners who started during the pandemic plan to sustain the new habit post-Covid.

Most of the monthlies listen at home at least some of the time. In-car and while walking are also popular settings.

Video plays a part in Latino listening. While only 8% listen/watch exclusively to shows with video, 77% sometimes do.

Advertising plays well, especially in podcasts hosted by Latinos. In those shows, 84% of the survey group said they would be somewhat likely or very likely to “consider the brand.” Nearly the same percentage (83%) would recommend the brand. In what might be considered a contrary finding, 58% of all listeners would be somewhat likely or very likely to pay a monthly fee for ad-free listening. (It’s 53% of Latino listeners.)


Brad Hill