EU passes cross-border access rule for online services, including music streaming

European Union flagThe European Union has passed new rules aimed at advancing plans for a unified digital market in the bloc. The recent ruling allows online service subscribers from one nation to access those platforms when they travel to other countries in the EU. Streaming music falls under the umbrella of this “portability” rule, meaning that platforms such as Spotify and Deezer will be required to make their products available to existing subscribers across borders. Providers impacted by the rules will have nine months to make adjustments and adapt to the regulation.

The Digital Single Market was proposed in May 2015. Several entertainment organizations have stated their opposition to such a plan, arguing that it would pose a risk to their licensing agreements done by territory. Both the European and American movie/TV industries have been vocal in making this critique of the DSM.

Anna Washenko

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  1. I wish they would let us purchase music across borders. Many artists I like are European but I can’t buy their latest single because it’s not in iTunes US.

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