ESPN Audio was more than half of all sports and digital sports listening in 2019

ESPN announced some statistics about its audio efforts from the 2019 Share of Ear study by Edison Research. According to the research, ESPN Audio was responsible for 54% of all sports listening, up 23% from its share in 2018. In digital sports listening, ESPN Audio’s share reached 65%, a rise of 21% from the previous year’s result.

Audience also grew for ESPN Audio in the Share of Ear results. The survey found that about 66 million people listened to the company’s content in 2019, up 20% from the year prior. Weekly time spent listening for ESPN Audio increased 24% and ESPN Podcasts specifically saw a 13% spike from 2018.

“We are consistently driving to make ESPN Audio the best experience for fans by creating can’t-miss content and delivering it in customized, easily accessible ways,” ESPN Audio Vice President Scott McCarthy said. “From terrestrial radio, to digital content and podcasts, this study shows our efforts are continuing to pay off and listeners have decided to spend even more of their valuable time with ESPN.”

Anna Washenko