Entercom rolls out new feature for on-demand controls in RADIO.COM platform

Entercom continues to expand its RADIO.COM platform. The newest feature is RADIO.COM Rewind, which introduces on-demand controls to the broadcast radio content on the service. This tool automatically records the past 24 hours of broadcasts from enabled stations, which means users can pause or rewind to find their favorite shows, or revisit a program a second time. It also includes some options for playback speed to more quickly skim a day’s worth of audio. According to Entercom’s press release, this feature is the first all-in-one, on-demand audio experience for broadcast radio content.

The Rewind feature is available both in the RADIO.COM online player and app, and it will be integrated “soon” into voice-enabled devices. Entercom noted that it will also be rolling out an option for letting listeners share clips from live radio broadcasts by social media or email.

“As a leader in audio, we are thrilled to introduce innovative technology that will transform the way audiences consume and engage with broadcast radio by reimaging it for a digital environment,” said J.D. Crowley, Entercom’s chief digital officer. “RADIO.COM Rewind provides a best-in-class listening experience by delivering the premier news, talk and sports audio content our audience wants, whenever and however they want it.”

Anna Washenko