Edison Top 50 Podcasts: More new additions than previous lists

Edison Research released its Top 50 Most Listened To Podcasts list for the 4-quarter span of Q2/2021 through Q1/2022.

In RAIN’s tracking of these lists, we see six new additions, compared to four new podcasts in the previous list, and three new shows in the list before that.

All this happens in Edison’s newly rebranded Edison Podcast Metrics division.¬†First, here is Edison’s list, with our multi-list comparison following:

We compared the most recent Top 50 (above) with the previous three lists, to get a rolling quarter-by-quarter comparison of changes. We wanted to track new additions to each list, and we found that the Q1/2022 list (representing four quarters) had more new additions, represented with green highlights below:


Brad Hill