Deezer salutes the foul-mouthed with lists of most curse-laden music

Deezer cursing analysis 2015The launch of Deezer’s Lyrics function last year was a happy development for listeners, but it also gave the streaming platform a new subset of data to examine. The company’s analysis of lyrics revealed that 2015 was, ahem, “a ‘sweary’ good year.” It offered a hilarious breakdown of the artists, songs, and albums containing the highest percentage of curse words.

Lil’ Wayne cussed his way to the top spot of both the artist and song lists. Micky Avalon’s self-titled creation was easily the top album for swearing with an impressive 3,094 curse words (damn!). For those with a high tolerance for bad language, Deezer even compiled the most curse-crazed tracks into a single playlist that, in case you hadn’t guessed, is decidedly not safe for work.

“Sweary songs may be NSFW or for holiday family gatherings but there’s no denying their continuing popularity – whether your Granny likes it or not,” said Sam Lee, music editor for Deezer UK and Ireland.

Deezer also created a round-up of the music industry’s pivotal moments from 2015. The company commissioned artworks in the style of comic books to capture events such as Zayn quitting One Direction and Dave Grohl performing with a broken leg.

Anna Washenko