Deezer (finally) adds lossless audio support to mobile and web platforms

Deezer has offered a lossless audio subscription tier for years, but it has always been limited in scope. The Deezer HiFi option was only available via desktop apps and connected speakers in the United States for the past few years. Now, the streaming service is adding access to the HiFi lossless audio to its mobile apps on both Android and iOS, as well as to its web version. The plan still needs a user to have the appropriate hardware to enjoy; the experience doesn’t do much if you listen on earbuds.

Since it arrived in the States, Deezer has taken a very gradual rollout. The company first centered only on audiophiles, which were underserved by most streaming options back in 2014. Now, hi-resolution, CD quality, and lossless audio are available on a range of high-end subscriptions from different media companies.

Anna Washenko