DAX lands exclusive ad sales deal for Urban One

Global digital audio arm DAX announced that it has entered a long-term partnership with Urban One, an urban content distributor in the U.S. formerly known as Radio One. Under the terms of the deal, DAX will be the exclusive sales representative for Urban One, offering both general market network radio streaming and programmatic streaming advertisements. Advertisers on Urban One will have access to DAX’s advanced targeting tools and real-time analytics.

“Urban One’s rich history and unique audience reach makes it a great fit,” DAX U.S. CEO Matt Cutair said. “The advantages of terrestrial broadcast streaming over pure play is the diversification of the content. Content isn’t just limited to music playlists but includes live events, personality driven talk and news, allowing for brands to reach consumers in a much broader way.”

“We always want to make sure our advertisers have the best and most effective means to reach our loyal and culturally impactful audience,” Josh Rahmani, Radio One/Reach Media’s SVP of national and network sales. “This partnership immediately allows that to happen by opening up our broadcast streaming audio properties and its listeners to the wide array of advertisers already working with DAX.”

Anna Washenko