Edison Research launches Share of Ear in Canada

Edison Research expanded its Share of Ear research franchise to Canada. The company released a graphic overview of top-level results, indicating how Canadian consumer spend their listening time. As with the U.S. version of Share of Ear, Edison accounts for virtually all sources of audio.

The average daily audio consumption in Canada is 4 hours and 14 minutes. Broadcast radio holds a 61% share of all Canadian listening, followed by owned music collections at 16%. Streaming has a share of 9%.

That contrasts with Canada’s neighbor to the south; the U.S. has a 50% share for broadcast and 15% for streaming. Some of the differences could be due to availability — market-leading internet radio service, Pandora, is not available in Canada. However, 2017 has thus far seen the launches of both iHeartRadio Canada and Radioplayer Canada, and any additional rollouts could lead to shifts in listening habits.

The Edison survey covered 1,022 Canadians aged 13 and up. Participants completed a 24-hour listening diary. Marketing and advocacy group Radio Connects commissioned the Canadian study.

Anna Washenko