British music service Pure Connect set for U.S. expansion

Pure is a British consumer electronics company and ecosystem developer whose products include Internet-enabled radios, WiFi speakers, and a freemium listening platform called Pure Connect. The company’s business model ties together the Connect service with its in-home listening gadgets, much as Apple, Google, and Microsoft link music services with branded hardware devices.

Pure devices and the music service are sailing across the pond together — the Jongo series of WiFi speakers is already available to U.S. consumers via Amazon and other outlets.

According to a rundown at Stuff.tv, Pure Connect holds a library of 15-million tracks and offers three levels of service, adding value on each tier with jukebox listening and downloading for offline listening.

The Jongo WiFi devices, naturally, are optimized to work with Pure Connect. This trick is similar to Spotify Connect, which is enabled via partnerships with speaker manufacturers. Spotify does not make its own speaker systems, whereas Pure’s many product components are all produced in-house.

Brad Hill

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