Pureplay of the Day: Bar Legend Radio

Emanating from the town of Larissa, Greece, Bar Legend Radio celebrates U.S. and British blues with an unrelenting blues-rock playlist. The site (www.barlegendradio.net) has in informational component, featuring biographies of bands and artists like The Allman Brothers, J.J. Cale, Rory Gallagher, Gov’t Mule, and others.

The curation of this stream is consistently satisfying. There is no interactivity, as usual with pureplay Internet stations, and there’s no need for skipping and favoriting if you like straight-ahead, guitar-oriented, beer-drinking, good-time-having, backbeat-driven 12-bar with an oldies slant.

The station is carried on TuneIn, Radio Tuna, RadioForest, and probably other aggregators. You can also listen directly on the site via a built-in player, or the major desktop clients. It all comes through at an adequate 128k mp3 bitrate.

Bar Legend Radio ushers the weekend perfectly.

Brad Hill