Bing search engine partners with TuneIn to deliver online radio stations


TuneIn has created an interesting arrangement with Bing, the Microsoft search engine. SearchesĀ for “online radio” return a panel of Bing’s most searched-forĀ radio webcasts, a mix of terrestrial and pureplay stations. (Mostly terrestrial. And at least one podcast that we encountered.) Clicking any one of them results in a TuneIn-branded embedded player for that station, with information about that station in most cases. The embedded player pops out into its own smallish window when you click the Play button.

The feature works with the “online radio” search, and no other phrase that we could dream up. “Internet radio,” “webcasts,” “streaming radio” — no good.

We counted 55 stations in the sideways scrolling, carousel-style display presented by Bing. Microsoft promises to add to that number, mentioning 10,000 as a possible number — that would be a display challenge.


Brad Hill


  1. I use the Tune In app quiet often on my phone. I’ll have to check out the Bing search now to see if it makes finding stations a little easier. Sometimes the app gets confused location wise.

  2. TuneIn is an amazing app for finding radio stations in your local area. Even though I’m not the hugest fan of radio, from time to time I’d like to continue listening to my favorite songs on the walk into work from my car.

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