Bank of America, McDonald’s lead increased podcast spend in November (Magellan AI)

Podcast advertising intelligence company Magellan AI released its “Spenders, Movers & Shakers” list for November. Bank of America and McDonald’s take the #1 and #2 spots for increased podcast ad spending. (See the full list below.)

Bank of America jumped from $128,000 in October to 1.9-million in November. Mcdonald’s juped from $174,000 to $1.7-million.

Offering context for Bank of America, Magellan notes that the company has been a consistent advertiser on podcasts, and that the financial services category has grown 75% in podcast ad spend since January.

Five advertisers marketed in November podcasting after spending zero in October — Carvana, Kind, Energizer, Lille Likes Kids, and Ulta Beauty. The Carvana story is Covid-related: There is a thriving car-buying market during the pandemic, paired with a reluctance to visit showrooms and lots in person. Carvana offers car shopping via online retails and auto vending machines.

Total Wine & More increased its month-over-month podcast spend from $2,000 to $465,000 — an impressive leap … and perhaps we all know the many reasons for taking solace in wine.

Here is the full November “Movers & Shakers” list:


Brad Hill