Average podcast CPM stable in October; rises for big audiences (Advertisecast)

Advertisecast published its monthly report of ad cost in its podcast advertising network, using the standard CPM (cost per thousand impressions) metric.

The monthly reports consider four measurements:

  • CPM for podcasts with 1,000-9,999 listeners per episode
  • CPM for 10,000-99,999 listeners per episode
  • APB for 100,000 listeners and more per episode
  • An average of all CPM

The illustration below charts the movement of each category from the start of 2020. We can see how the more popular show group suffered deep discounts during Covid. (That group is always somewhat discounted, presumably as an effect of bulk buying of impressions.)

The chart above is for 60-second spots. Actual average prices for the three measured groups:

1,000 – 9,999: $25

10,000 – 99,999: $23

100,000+ : $22

AdvertiseCast measured 2,027 podcasts for this report.

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Brad Hill