RAIN Notes: Monday, November 1

Jottings of note:



The danger of using unlicensed music in podcasts has been emphasized in publications, conferences, and even podcasts for years. Yet widespread misunderstanding persists. An article in Forbes lays it out with crystal clarity. “The biggest misunderstanding is thinking that fair use is a right […] fair use is a defense that you use in court after you have been sued. READ


Profound Fakery

“The War of the Worlds” was the original deep fake — that is the presumption of We Interrupt This Broadcast, a documentary podcast of how the American media has covered the nation’s most epochal events. An examination of the fake invasion based on the H.G. Wells story kicks off Season 2. The show is co-hosted by Brian Williams (MSNBC) and Bill Kurtis (Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me), and the whole series is based on a book by Joe Garner. APPLE


Spotify and its Parcast unit are bragging about new episodes of Disappearances with Sarah Turney, a crime/mystery podcast which explores stories of those who wanted to disappear and others who had no choice. A missing person report is filed every minute in the U.S., so there’s lots of material. New episodes include Michael Rockefeller, heir to the R. fortune, and physicist Ettore Majorana who vanished in 1938 (perhaps into a black hole?). LISTEN


— Monday, November 1

Brad Hill