Audioburst lands RSS feed integration, bringing online radio to Inoreader

Content feed company Inoreader announced that it is integrating Audioburst’s API. This brings Audioburst’s curated “bursts” of audio programming into six of Inoreader’s RSS feeds: tech, entertainment, sports, U.S. news, world news, and business. The integration offers an audio counterpart to the company’s text news items.

We first took a test drive with Audioburst back in 2015 when the service was in beta. Since then the platform has added more features such as support for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. I took another listen to some of the feeds to get a sense of how the continual programming sounds.

I tuned into the health feed and received three clips in a row from a radio program, the quality of which seemed sub-par. There didn’t appear to be a way to remove sound sources or even to favor content providers that I do like. It’s essentially speed-listening to an unfiltered stream of information from within a very broad subject. So while the audio dimension is a welcome addition to Inoreader, more control would be a welcome refinement of the feature. Audioburst members can create their own playlists, but it’s unclear how that will interact with Inoreader.

Anna Washenko