Audioboom adds three new podcasts to its Originals Network

Audioboom introduced three original new shows that will debut on its network this year. The podcasts cover a range of topics and potential audiences.

The Sitch with Mike and Lauren is hosted by former Jersey Shore star Mike Sorrentino. He and his wife will discuss wellness and health topics including fitness and addiction recovery. The show debuts on March 3.

Truth vs. Hollywood is an exploration of the real-life stories that inspired blockbuster films. David Chen and Joanna Robinson host the podcast, which will have Munich and Goodfellas among its subjects. It premieres on April 14.

Life’s Little Mysteries is the first result of Audioboom’s partnership with Future Publishing. It is hosted by a pair from Live Science: Senior Writer Mindy Weisberger and Managing Editor Jenna Bryner. The podcast is based on their column on the same name, and it premieres this week.

“The Audioboom Originals Network has become a home for great ideas, creative concepts, and thought-provoking new podcasts,” Executive Vice President of Content Brendan Regan said. “We’re excited to introduce listeners to three fantastic new shows in 2020, delivered by some of the leading talent in podcasting.”

Anna Washenko