Apple Music has 17 million subscribers

Apple event sept 2016Apple hosted a keynote event today with the latest updates on its technology. The event highlighted lots of developments on hardware, but its Apple Music software did have a few notable moments as well. Most importantly, CEO Time Cook shared that Apple Music has risen to 17 million subscribers since it launched. At last count in June, the service had 15 million subs. That’s putting it on an impressive growth pace for a service that just wrapped its first year on the market.

Also, as we’ve been observing in recent weeks, exclusive releases have been the bread and butter of the Apple service. The streaming platform has secured more than 70 exclusives from artists such as Drake, Taylor Swift, and Frank Ocean. Apple Music kicked off the show, with CEO Tim Cook taking a spin in the car with James Corden. That’s a nod to Apple picking up the rights to a spin-off of the popular segment from Corden’s late night talk show. Video exclusives are just as noteworthy as the audio ones for Apple Music.

The presentation mentioned some of the major changes in the upcoming version of iOS, but did not share anything new about updated Apple Music. We first heard about the redesign plans at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in June. The changes will roll out with the iOS 10 launch on Sept. 13.

Anna Washenko


  1. Speaking of Apple, I hear their new iPhone has no headphone jack. If you want to use any headphones other than the ear buds, you have to get some kind of adapter.

  2. I’ve been holding off on signing up to the service because I don’t like that it’s bundled with iTunes. I like streaming and downloading separate.

    I also think Apple Music and iTunes needs to be web based. Web based offers the freedom to listen to your music everywhere. As it is right now, if I want to listen to iTunes at a friend’s house, I would have to install the program on my friend’s computer.

    • The pro I like about iTunes: It has CD burning function mixed in to the program.

  3. Another reason I’ve been holding off is that I’ve heard that it messes up your library. For instance, I’ve heard that it replaces non-DRM songs with DRM songs, and so on.

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