Anchor holds 3x podcast episodes as next leading host platform

In a Livewire Labs release on Friday, 158 podcast hosting platforms are listed by number of new episodes posted in a single month.

“One of the ways to measure the health of the current podcast ecosystem is to measure the number of new episodes published in a given period,” the company says. About 1.9-million new episodes were posted in September, according to Livewire’s count.

Listing and ranking the platforms is secondary, but certainly of interest. Anchor is shown to host an eye-popping 24% of all those September episodes. Anchor is noted for its ease of use for beginners. We might speculate that many of those episodes are one-and-done (or few-and-done) podfades. But that doesn’t diminish Anchor’s influence in the ecosystem.

Below are the top 20. Note #9 — SermonAudio, a tightly defined niche podcast host where many of the podcasts are video. Go HERE to see all 158 — guaranteed to show platforms you’ve never heard of.


Brad Hill


  1. Thanks for posting such a nice article.in this article describing Posting and positioning the stages is auxiliary, however positively of interest. Anchor is displayed to have an eye-flying of that load of September scenes. Anchor is noted for its convenience for amateurs. We may guess that a considerable lot of those scenes are limited-time offer pods. Yet, that doesn’t reduce Anchor’s impact on the biological system.

  2. Thanks for this post anchor is noted for its ease of use for amateurs. Most of those scenes are likely limited-time offers. However, Anchor’s impact on the biological system remains unchanged.

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