Amazon launches Amp, a social audio / music show competitor to Clubhouse and Spotify Shows

Amazon has launched Amp, a social audio platform with an interesting focus on building music shows. While early reports compare Amp to Clubhouse, Amazon’s promotional emphasis is on building interactive music shows, something like live, interactive radio.

From Amazon marketing: “Play music. Riff on sports, or pop culture. Share your hot takes and playlists with like-minded listeners. Or call in to live shows and talk with hosts in real-time. Create endless show formats – sports recaps, themed song countdowns, pop culture news reactions, and more. The mic is yours.”

Amazon promises a launch music library of “tens of millions of songs,” that will expand with millions more over time.

A sizzle video starts: Ready to go on-air?” (See below.) The entire focus is on music shows. As such, the main competitive thrust seems to be directed more at Spotify Shows than to Clubhouse.

The project is in early beta. An Apple iOS app is in the works — no mention of Android or a browser app. Participation in testing is offered; subscribing to the Amp Newsletter (HERE) and answering a survey get you on the testing waitlist.


Brad Hill

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  1. I am not getting to access YouTube audio since the company to away our access to music at work.

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