AirKast offers clients an integrated dashboard for mobile and social analytics

AirKast, a specialist in broadcast and podcast mobile app development, announced the launch of its new AirBridge client analytics dashboard. AirBridge can assist clients in understanding the demographics and psychographics of their audiences. In addition to measuring downloads and app sessions, AirBridge lets clients use stations’ listener data to create an integrated mobile, social, and smart speaker strategy based on live results.

AirKast is also presenting a unique measurement called engagement factor. This metric uses users’ behavior for each app and compares how a station is progressing against similar ones in its group.

“We expect that these new analytics will be quite beneficial to radio stations – by permitting them to forge easy-to-use personal connections with their audiences, and by giving them new ways to understand mobile and social engagement to start or hone their mobile strategy,” AirKast CEO Larry Leung said. “It’s our mission to not only provide basic analytics but also expose more engagement data to drive an understanding of how important mobile and social are to grow their online and off-line audiences” he added. “The radio industry and their advertisers are looking for metrics that prove the true ROI of radio, knowing where and how listeners interact on mobile devices is critical for a broadcaster’s success.”

Anna Washenko