AdvertiseCast signs Wildfire Radio & New Media Studios to rep network

We received a note that in the wake of a merger of Wildfire Radio (a radio and podcast company) and New Media Studios (a recording studio specializing in podcasts), podcast ad network AdvertiseCast has signed to represent the shows within the joined entity.

AdvertiseCast represents a portfolio of podcasts across over 15 categories (Business, Comedy, Games, Health, etc.) and boasts a listener reach over 20-million.

“AdvertiseCast is the premier podcast advertising marketplace and we are pleased to have teamed up with them to serve as our official network advertising representative,” the Wildfire Radio merger announcement reads.

The combined alliance will focus on new programming. AdvertiseCast currently reps over 1,000 shows.

Wildfire Radio and New Media Studios are Philadelphia-area companies.


Brad Hill


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