AdvertiseCast rebrands as Libsyn Ads, folding more plainly into parent company

Venerable podcast company Libsyn (formally Liberated Syndication Inc.) has rebranded its subsidiary AdvertiseCast, renaming the platform Libsyn Ads. The adjustment puts a clearer spotlight on Libsyn as a comprehensive multi-platform podcast service.

Libsyn will be represented by its new branding at next week’s Podcast Movement Evolutions in L.A., and will unveil a new ad campaign there.

One might suppose that LibSyn makes this change as an anniversary milestone; the company was founded in 2004. An early mover, Libsyn lifted off very soon after Dave Winer — widely credited with establishing the distribution structure for podcasting — created the RSS podcast feed.

When it comes to podcast advertising, Libsyn claims pioneer status in that realm too. “From the evolution of host-read ads to the introduction of dynamic creative and programmatic capabilities, Libsyn has led the charge in driving innovation and set the standard for podcast advertising. As a pioneer, Libsyn has played a pivotal role in educating brands and agencies on the rapidly growing and fragmented podcast advertising marketplace” the company states in its public news release.

“Our decision to rebrand AdvertiseCast to Libsyn Ads is a natural progression of the successful execution of our platform strategy,” said Dave Hanley, Chief Revenue Officer of Libsyn. “We’ve been entrenched in podcast advertising since its inception and are proud to have built the most comprehensive portfolio of host-read, dynamic, and programmatic ad solutions. By consolidating our advertising offerings within the Libsyn platform, we’re better positioned to serve the needs of advertisers and creators.”

Brad Hill