Podcast ad rates stay in tight range as October CPM is released (AdvertiseCast)

The average cost per thousand (CPM) for podcast advertising remained within a narrow four-month range in October, about one dollar lower than the average rate in May. (See the data HERE.)

The average pricing of a 60-second ad spot was $22.39, down from $22.89 in September. In May, the highest CPM so far in 2023, the average spot was priced at $23.43 per thousand placements.

It’s important to note that the month-by-month price movements in this accounting are fairly small. During the entire span represented in the chart below, the average podcast CPM ranged between $21.06 (September 2020) and $25.40 (January 2022) — a 21.6% range of movement over 45 months.

The graph below shows the pricing trends for separated buckets based on campaign size:

For potential marketers, AdvertiseCast provides a pricing calculator that coordinates the reach, number of ad spots desired, and provides an average CPM rate. (HERE)

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Brad Hill