AdsWizz grows client roster, partners with Live365

adswizz logoLess than a month after signing a partnership deal with HARMAN to supply Aha Radio with targeted messaging technology, ad-tech company AdsWizz announced today a new deal with Live365, the Internet radio aggregator. The deal was announced “in advance of tomorrow’s RAIN Summit and the IAB’s Digital Audio Agency Day in New York.”

live365 logoThe alliance will “optimize revenue opportunity” for Live365, according to AdsWizz CEO Alexis van de Wyer. Highlighted in the press release is AdWave, an AdWizz technology that connects content platforms with ad agencies and networks internationally. AdWave is intended as a one-stop solution for audio publishers with a wide range of ad inventory spanning geographies and audience segments.

While the HARMAN arrangement focused on a specific application — Aha Radio in cars, using make/model and location information to target messages — the Live365 opportunity can address the inventory opportunities of the platform’s 5,000 online radio stations. Live365 started in 1999, and was one of the early pureplay streaming operations. It is an end-to-end enabling platform on which any individual or group can produce a station.

AdsWizz is a technology company positioned between online audio companies, ad agencies, and ad networks.

Brad Hill