AdsWizz certifies Bauer Media in its accreditation program. Also, a couple of awards.

AdsWizz has announced that Bauer Media is the first European audio publisher to be certified in the AdsWizz Digital Audio Advertising Accreditation program. Accreditation certifies expertise in the AdsWizz technology suit which contains several components: AudioMax (an audio-centric SSP), AudioServe (AdsWizz’s ad serving platform), and AIS (the company’s Dynamic Ad Insertion suite).

AdsWizz might have buried the lede with this accreditation announcement, as the company also won two technology awards this week. First, for Best Publisher Side Technology from AdExchanger at the Programmatic I/O conference in San Francisco. In addition, AdsWizz repeated its 2018 win in the DRUM Digital Advertising Awards in Europe, claiming the Best Overall Technology for Programmatic Trading again, as the only audio company in the nomination field.

Back to the accreditation. This program was launched in January, as the Digital Audio Expert Program. At that time OMG Programmatic (OMGP), a division of the Omnicom Media Group, earned the first certification.

Bauer Media is comprised of more than 700 magazines, 400 digital products, and 100+ radio stations around the world. The company has been using AdsWizz monetization platforms for over three years on radio stations in the UK, Norway, and Finland.

“Publishers, advertisers and listeners are interacting with audio in new and exciting ways every day,” said Alexis van de Wyer, CEO of AdsWizz. “As an industry pioneer and leader in providing the underlying solution to both agencies and publishers, we believe it’s important to empower our business partners to become experts to accelerate the growth of the digital audio industry overall.”

Brad Hill