Acast hires new managing director for UK+

Acast has hired Georgina Holt to be its new managing director for the UK, Ireland and ROW regions. She will be responsible for driving both commercial and content growth for the podcasting company. Holt has nearly two decades in the media and publishing industries, most recently at The Stylist Group.

“At a rapidly changing time for all us, Acast’s continued energy and enthusiasm for podcasting — combined with its unrelenting commitment to bringing the most innovative opportunities to advertisers and creators — is why the success it has achieved for the past five years will continue long into the future,” Holt said.

“The most important thing for us in every new hire we make is a cultural fit — it’s our number one priority as we look to maintain and grow as a business, and it was clear very early on that Georgina was exactly who we were looking for. Our sales and podcast teams are our biggest teams in every market in which we operate, so her background will also prove vital as we look to build on our offering for publishers, independent podcasters and advertisers alike,” Acast CEO Ross Adams said. “Naturally, it’s difficult to find senior talent with experience of a pure podcasting background, as the medium is still so young — so, as a challenger brand, we also look for leaders who have the ethos and attitude to bring something new to the table while ensuring we continue our global success. Georgina is the perfect person for the role.”

Holt’s role had previously been held by Joe Copeman, while he also held the title global SVP of sales. With Holt’s hiring, Copeman will focus solely on the latter post for Acast.

Anna Washenko