Acast announces self-serve buying of host-read podcast ads

Acast announced today that it has expanded its self-serve podcast advertising platform, which now enables advertisers to buy host-read sponsorships across the entire Acast Marketplace. 

The new product is remarkable inasmuch as host-read advertising has been a more boutique advertising format than pre-recorded ads, requiring a more elaborate buying process. With Acast’s new automation, any advertiser can book host-read sponsorships across the entire Acast MarketPlace roster of about 100,000 podcasts. Universally recognized podcasts include WTF with Marc Maron, Renegades with Barack Obama and Bruce Springsteen, and The Light Podcast starring Michelle Obama.

Acast launched its self-serve podcast buying platform last November. It has served over 150 brands. Acast notes that now advertisers can book campaigns with longer editorialized messages read by the podcaster themselves, all with the same scale and buying experience of pre-recorded ad campaigns.

“This is a real moment for us,” said Product Manager at Acast Niklas Lagerberg. “Host-read sponsorships are what makes podcast advertising so special and they’re the ultimate personal endorsement for advertisers because podcast listeners have such a deep, intimate connection with the creators they love and truly value their recommendations. By opening up sponsorships in our self-serve advertising platform, Acast has created even more opportunities for advertisers of all sizes to reach high-value podcast audiences in the way that our medium has become so famous for. From major names like Peter Crouch and Paige DeSorbo, to niche shows with loyal fans, we’re making it easier than ever for advertisers to tap into podcast influencers across all genres and parts of the globe, while also ensuring more money flows to more creators of all sizes.”

Acast notes a study which found that 62% of listeners said they had made a purchase after hearing a host-read sponsorship and 72% said they had visited an advertiser’s website after hearing a host-read sponsorship.

Brad Hill