A vision for agnostic playlists at Soundsgood

Soundsgood canvasLast year marked the beginning of a trend toward music players attempting to create a platform-agnostic listening experience, a single service where you can pull songs from all around the web to get the most comprehensive library possible. The first wave of those platform-agnostic apps has largely fallen silent, but the idea is still one that is getting reworked and reimagined.

The latest to try a hand at it is Soundsgood. Rather than pull in tracks for an individual’s private enjoyment, this web platform has an outward focus. It offers a hub where curators can assemble playlists, then publish them to multiple streaming services. They can also upload existing playlists to Soundsgood’s ecosystem, then share them out like a fresh one. You can also embed Soundsgood’s own music player with your playlist onto your website.

Since Soundsgood serves as the central base of operations, users can also browse the playlists directly on the company’s own site. Right now, much of the content is from French listeners and media outlets (not a surprise since the group is based in France).

It’s a business focused on curators and playlist authors. Soundsgood has tools for checking compatibility of your creation across different platforms, so that your listeners on YouTube will get the same set of tunes as your listeners on Spotify. It’s also working to implement an analytics suite to provide information about listeners. With increasing interest in playlists as the contemporary reimagining of an album, Soundsgood could be a valuable tool if it gains traction.

Anna Washenko