7digital powering new music streaming service in Malaysia

7digital logo canvasMalaysian pay-TV operator Astro Malaysia Holdings has launched a new music streaming service called Raku. The platform is powered by 7digital. The app starts as a free download for ad-supported radio-style listening and set playlists, but listeners can pay $4.10 per month for Raku Premium, which has customized playlists, radio on demand, and offline listening.

The company also operates Astro Radio on both terrestrial and digital channels, reaching an audience of about 12.6 million weekly listeners. Astro COO Henry Ran said he did not expect to see competition between the traditional radio and the streaming platform. “I think the marketplace is big enough and the offering is slightly different,” he told Digital News Asia. “I believe that there will be always a role for radio, and then there will always be a role for services that let people be in control of their playlist.”

Anna Washenko