Survey: 61% of smart speaker owners plan to buy another one this holiday season

With the holiday shopping season now upon us, the top tech toys are in position to make a lot of sales. The smart speaker niche seems likely to be a strong performer at the end of 2017. Jacobs Media Strategies, jācapps, and Sonic Ai have collaborated on a survey into consumer sentiment toward voice-activated smart speakers going into December.

Among the respondents, 18% already own at least one smart speaker. The highest ownership rate is among the age 13-34 group at 25%. Devices running the Amazon Alexa represent the bulk of those, with 11% owning one. Of the Alexa device owners, nearly half (45%) have at least two skills enabled, but 31% said they didn’t have any skills enabled.

Finally, the survey asked about intent to purchase a smart speaker this holiday season. Across the whole audience, 20% say they plan to make a purchase. That rate rises to 61% among current smart speaker owners.

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Anna Washenko


  1. Always good to let the reader know the details on the sample, as I am sure Fred would agree. Sample size, who was invited to participate, how the interviews were collected, dates of interviewing, etc. all the stuff a reader would need to know to determine if the research was valid and reliable.

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