AudioBoom and Edison survey uncovers major lifestyle groups for podcast listeners

AudioBoom teamed with Edison Research for an investigation into podcast listening. The purpose is to uncover audience characteristics that could be useful to podcast advertisers. At the same time, the survey results have interesting points that reveal types of podcast listener.

The results of their survey showed that 65% of U.S. podcast listeners are likely or very likely to learn more about a company they hear about on a show. Additionally, 64% said they purchased a product or service based on mentions in a podcast. Based on the result of the survey, audioBoom revealed six categories of podcast listener that could present promising advertising opportunities to brands:

Foodies: More than half of food-fan podcast listeners spend at least $1,000 on dining out, and 44% use food delivery services such as Seamless.

Stable homeowners: More than half of the frequent listeners reported being homeowners. Much of this demographic purchases home improvement products many times a year and are planning for their retirement or planning to buy/lease a vehicle.

Entertainment subscribers: 91% of listeners pay for TV/movie subscriptions such as Netflix or Hulu. 41% have subscriptions to other audio services.

Fitness fans: 63% said that fitness is important or very important, and 41% exercise at least a few times weekly.

Travelers: 77% of listeners took a trip for leisure in the past year. Most of that travel was within the United States, but many listeners are interested in going international too. Car listenership for podcasts is also high (77%).

Music fans: Podcast listeners often overall audio fans. More than half of the respondents spent at least $50 a year on live shows.

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Anna Washenko


    • Lorenzo, both platforms offer strong marketing opportunities for advertisers. the key value of podcasting is the trust/bond that often exists between host and listener. The traditional podcast commercial is a host-read spot that evangelizes the product in the host’s voice and opinion. That formula demonstrably works, and many advertisers have been marketing in podcasts steadily for years.

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