Apple Music adds personalized chill tunes playlist

Personalized playlists are one of the big highlight features for streaming services, and the offerings frequently wind up overlapping. Apple Music has a new addition to its playlists called My Chill Mix. This list of 25 tracks will be updated weekly on Sundays. It will be a blend of editorial curation and algorithmic recommendations. The feature is being tested by a small group of test users starting this week, and is expected to roll out to all listeners over the summer.

The addition of algorithm-based playlists to Apple has marked a shift to the streaming service, which focused primarily on the role of human curation in its programming when it launched. The question of whether computers or humans can create the better music discovery system has been a talking point for just about any music service that relies solely on one or the other. Apple’s move to combine them might be a sign of how hard it is to scale human-only curation to many millions of listeners.

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Anna Washenko

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