YouTube podcast consumption is woven into user habits; many watch after listening (Veritonic)

In a fascinating burst of research from audio intelligence company Veritonic, we learn that podcast listeners use YouTube in a variety of ways, including as the source of second consumption — watching the video of a podcast they have already listened to.

Here is the explanatory infographic provided by Veritonic:

The 60% explanation (watch the video if the audio indicated something to watch) covers a lot of ground. But the 14% (listen and watch, because they want a double dose) is really interesting. The question is whether all listens on all platforms (including YouTube instances which are not connected to RSS), and that is why Veritonic released this info. The company offers its Veritonic Audio Attribution, which promises “harmonized data across YouTube and other channels.”

There’s other info as well, with interesting metrics about how YouTube podcast consumers feel about ads, and how often they skip them. HERE is the full infographic.

Brad Hill