Dateline gains, NPR maintains, stability reigns in Triton Digital U.S. Podcast Ranker

Though stability is the hallmark in any monthly ranking of 100 shows, the June edition of Triton Digital’s Podcast Ranker does shake things up a bit more than the usual status quo drumbeat.

Sorting the ranker by average weekly downloads, we see five debuts in the report — shows which have never ranked before. All in the 90-100 section, they are:

  • Critical Role (SiriusXM Podcast Network) #92
  • The NoSleep Podcast (Audioboom) #95
  • NBC Meet The Press (NBCUniversal News Group) #96
  • Six Minutes (Wondery) #98
  • History Daily (Wondery) #100

In the top-10 cohort, all shows are the same month-over-month, with a bit of position shuffling. NPR News Hour remains the #1 podcast, and it’s important to remember that it is published hourly, competing in this list with mostly once-a-week podcasts. In the same way, The Ben Shapiro Show (Cumulus Podcast Network, #4), is a daily production, as are Up First (NPR, #5)  , and The Dan Bongino Show (Cumulus POdcast Network, #7).

As always, the Triton ranker is presented in a configurable format which invites filtering by podcast category, sales network, and changing the ranking criterion from average downloads to average users. (Get it HERE.) Doing the latter flattens the advantage of frequent publishing; NPR News Hour drops to #5, as Crime Junkie takes over the #1 honor with the most average weekly listeners. (The top 10 retains the same shows in this view.)

You can also flip to other regions measured by Triton — Australia, Canada, Latin America, Netherlands, and New Zealand. If you get too absorbed, hit the EXPORT AS PDF button — it’s like an ejection seat which lands you on a static view of a single list. Fun is over … but you’ll get more work done. 

Brad Hill