YouTube’s music subscription service reportedly to be called YouTube Music Key

youtube square canvasAndroid Police released a report with details about the upcoming subscription service from YouTube. According to the site, the service will be called YouTube Music Key and the parent company’s Google Play Music All Access will be rebranded as Google Play Music Key.

The report said signs point to Music Key being an ad-free platform for audio-only playback. After a 30-day free trial, the subscriptions are expected to cost $9.99 a month. That appears to include membership to both YouTube Music Key and Google Play Music Key. The site’s screenshots of an Android phone with the service up showed that Music Key will have more than 20 million tracks, including remixes, covers, concerts, and other music that would fall outside of a traditional album release.

We already knew that Google had secured the domain name, but the company hasn’t registered any URLs related to the Google Play half of the Music Key service. There’s still no word about when this service might go live, and neither YouTube nor Google have commented on this report that’s now making the rounds.

Anna Washenko